Our Vision
To train and develop IT professionals with confidence, competence, commitment and character.

1- To make our nation a Computer Literate nation not only by educating the Rural India along with the urban population.
2- To provide education to every income group so that every economy class can afford the expensive computer education.
3- To increase contribution of women in the field of IT by providing the computer education at affordable cost.
4- To build computer literate villages in every district of India.
5- To awake the youth to be apart of the Computer literate Society.
6- To empower the Nation by educating the youth and provide qualified and skill Computer Literates.
7- To reduce the unemployment rate by making entrepreneurs in the field of computer
8- To increase the opportunity for the students to have their own computer education center or their own business in field of computer.
9- To nourish the technical skill of future of India, the children’s by computer training.
10- To make the society aware of Computer and make them walk with the pace of Global World.
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